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Flex Shelf set 111


  • Solid ash


  • Width: 204 cm
  • Height : 123 cm
  • Depth : 22 cm
  • SKU: SFSS111


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About product

FLEX SHELF is a transformer shelf system, which lets you create almost any smooth compositions on the wall without any visible braces. A wide range of segments, colors and design sets. The ability to invent your own unique design, choose your own colors and dimensions.

FLEX SHELF shelves are easy to install and comfortable to use. It is easy to create a unique interior.

FLEX SHELF – freedom of improvisation.


Nikolay Nikitin is a Russian designer and a co-founder of LATITUDE. He is developing and producing trendy and functional furniture in Scandinavian style. Nikolay’s designs are distinguished by precise laconism, European quality, flawless functionality and high variability of usage. Perfect examples of such variability are transformer shelves LATITUDE FLEX SHELF and modular storage systems LATITUDE SAGA.

Work of Nikolay is a new wave of contemporary design where the freedom of improvisation transforms the world.

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